Highampton Local History Group

I am pleased to be able to tell you that, after three years of research and writing, my new novel The Song of the Skylark is to be published on Friday October 16th.

I know that many people have been waiting for it with some impatience, but it does take time to create a story with the level of detail that I know you enjoy. This book tells the true story of a young brother and sister who were sent to work as parish apprentices on a remote North Devon farm. They experience extreme hardship but, in time, the farming and chapel communities come together to help them start a new life.

I will be launching The Song of the Skylark on Zoom with a talk describing how I came to write it, and with readings to whet your appetite. There will be time for questions at the end.

Tickets are limited; go to https://www.lizshakespeare.co.uk/the-song-of-the-skylark/ to reserve yours. Proceeds from ticket sales are being donated to the Plough Art Centre.

You can also place a pre-order for the book. Books ordered now will be posted during the week beginning 12th October 2020. All books ordered before the publication date will be signed, and a personalised message can be added on request.

Go to https://www.lizshakespeare.co.uk/the-song-of-the-skylark/ to find out more, and to place your order.

Happy reading!

Best wishes,