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We are pleased to provide two galleries for the Highampton County Primary School, the first on this page contains old photographs together with details of the pupils and staff where known.

Please click the following hyperlink for the second gallery of photos of their successful entry for the 2009 Hatherleigh Carnival to celebrate their centenary in 2010 for which they were awarded 2nd prize in their category.

Left to right

Back Row

Miss Mansfield (teacher), Gwenie Allen, Winnie Ley, Margaret Cole, Dorothy Dennis, Vera Isaac, Audrey Marl, Austin Piper, Mrs Collings (Head Teacher).

Middle Row

Roy Ley, Francis Cole, Irenie Brock, Olive Stacey, Beryl Jones, Beryl Cole, Betty Lewis, Beryl Pedrick, Bryan Jones, Bill Isaac.

Front Row

Stanley Found, Norman Wheaton, Audrey Down, Ivy Brock, Sheila Isaac, Pam Ley, Marion Squires, Mary Crocker, Kenneth Found, Aubrey Brock.

Legs crossed

Claud Reynolds, Alec Allen, Leslie Cole, Richard Webb, Arthur Crocker.

Left to right

Back Row

Margaret Dennis, S Dennis, S Balsdon, Pat Butter, Marcia Slade,

Middle Row

Heather Dennis, Balsdon twins, Gale Ridholls, B Duke, I Guscott, Peter Gay, F Bowden, Henry Dennis.

Front Row

M Smale, B Dennis, P Bowden, O Breyley, B Bowden, B Brock, D Kennealy.

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Highampton Church School c 1888

Alice Newcombe (centre front row)

Ethel Sanders, Fern Cottage (3rd row 3rd from left)

Rosie Balsdon, South Trew (back row 3rd from left)